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Optical Cable

LS Cable&System has been a leading promoter of the advanced information society in which anyone can share information easily anywhere in the world at any time. LS Cable&System has been actively helping to realize a more fulfilling lifestyle by providing total solutions for optical communications required to implement high-speed multimedia technologies ranging from optical fibers, cables, parts, components and modules.
LS Cable&System has rapidly expanded into the information communications markets throughout the world and has secured the best technologies and manufacturing capabilities for its optical products.

LS Cable&System is doing its best to manufacture the highest quality standardized products and to meet our customers'''''''' special requests in the fast-changing market environments. Our efforts have helped create a richer?life and have been opening up an advanced information communications world where anyone can enjoy the benefits of information with ease.

Optical Fiber

Optical fibers are cylindrical dielectric waveguides and consist of a core, clad, and acryl coating layers. The total reflection of light occurs due to the difference of the refraction index between the core layer and clad layer. Light is transmitted through the core layer. There are single-modes and multi-modes depending on the number of radio wave modes at the core. The single-mode has the advantages of providing long distance transmission and high capacity communications as compared to the multi-mode since less loss in optical fiber data occurs in the single-mode. Examples of single-mode optical fibers for special use include cutoff shifted single-mode fiber and dispersion shifted single-mode fiber.

Optical Cables


Optical cable

, which is made by tying together several strands of optical fiber, plays a very important role in the configuration of wired/wireless transmission networks as the information communication industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. Optical cable has led the multimedia age and has played a very important role as a core industry in the information-based society as optical communications have been commercialized since 1980. Along with optical transmission exchange, it is also a medium for data transfer on a communications network and is the foundation for networks in the information communications industry. Optical cable transmits both audio and video through the current F/S cables and the past earth insulation cables for copper cables. As wireless communications have grown rapidly, optical cable has become increasingly important.

Connection Materials

The fiber optic closure protects against contact with water or other environmental elements when optical cables are connected. This device can be used to lay
pipeline and ground overhead lines and can be placed at the entrance of buildings. It is applicable for communications networks, cable TV, and LAN systems.


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