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The state-of-the-art technologies of LS Cable&System meet the needs of consumers in global markets. Our technologies are used in power plants, international industrial sites, large buildings, factories, vehicles, ships, planes, and trains. Super-high voltage cables and connection materials recognized in global markets for their high technical competence, overhead power transmission lines and optical composite overhead ground wires that are both high capacity and light weight, differentiated construction technologies (live line technique), monitoring systems that can show whether lines have any errors, and ultra-conductible cables whose conductor loss ratio is zero.
LS Cable&System sets the standard for: Environmentally friendly low-toxicity lead-free cables that preserve the environment and protect humans; heat-resistant flame-retardant cables used in vehicles and trains; cables for ships and maritime devices recognized all over the world; magnet litz wire for high-resolution monitors; booth duct systems that enable the safe transmission of high capacity electricity, and total global solutions.
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Integrated Module & Cable
LS Cable&System has manufactured the best in customized products including cables used for wiring inside electric and electronic devices, home appliances, Factory Automation (FA) cables, communications cables for wired/wireless communication systems as well as analog/digital signal transmission, power supply cables for devices required for vehicle operation and control of sensors, and special cable lines such as industrial tubes.
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A super-high information society where any information can be shared anywhere in the world through a thin strand of optical fiber, optical cables that allow the multimedia age, the largest optical preform in the world, optical components such as optical Tx/Rx modules, LAN cables of 10 Gigabytes, and coaxial systems that advance wireless information systems.
LS Cable&System has helped construct the information super-highway and has built optical communications networks at home over FTTH by using the best production technologies in the world.
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Industrial Materials
The Materials division of LS Cable&System specializes in aluminum parts for vehicles and has developed the eXtra Thermal Aluminum Alloy (XTAL), which is a new aluminum alloy material, a first in Korea''''s cable industry. LS Cable&System has also manufactured high value winding products. In the amazing world created by LS Cable&System, which has established its brand power through continuous globalization and quality assurance, we can enjoy anything and everything.
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