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LS Cable commercialized the technology for CATV network first time in industry domestic and overseas

LS Cable has signed the first contract with Sophon Company, the biggest CATV company in Pattaya, Thailand to supply cables.
■ Reinforced their marketing strategies for countries like USA and those in Europe where many CATV services are supplied.
■ Signed a contract in Kuwait for an In_Building solution based on LS-HFC technology

LS-HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) system, technology for high-speed CATV network developed for the first time in the world by LS Cable (CEO: Chayol Koo), started to provide services to CATV providers domestic and overseas.

The data transmission speed of the existing CATV network is remarkably increased to provide High-Definition (HD) TV and internet service at 200Mbps of maximum speed (200Megabyte data is transmitted every second) as well. Using low frequency band (2~32Mhz), which cannot be used in the existing CATV network, it is remarkable that the maximum transmission speed was increased five times.

This service can also be realized by just installing LS-HFC system for high-speed communications to the existing CATV network without additional investment for equipment. Using NMS (Network Management System), network system and equipment can be managed through internet; maintenance expense was also remarkably reduced.

LS Cable recently signed a contract to supply LS-HFC to Sophon Company, the biggest CATV company in Pattaya, Thailand. This was their first contract overseas and order agreements are under progress with about 10 CATV providers in Asia. They also try to expand the market by aggressively introducing their technology and evolving marketing activities to countries like USA and those in Europe where many CATV services are supplied.

In the local market, they received orders from 3 CATV providers in Gyunggi province and they are now under progress. Other agreements are also under going with 7-8 CATV providers. Considering that Korea is a world-class IT country, commercialization of LS-HFC in Korea means international competitiveness is secured.

The high-speed internet market of the world is expected to rapidly move from xDSL to HFC. Since it is expected that many CATV providers in newly emerging markets like Thailand, where a remarkable growth of internet market is seen, will actively invest in multimedia services using the existing CATV network, this market is foreseen to rapidly grow.

LS Cable also started, in full-scale, a new business of In_Building solution that enables artificial intelligence services to buildings and houses. It is a technology using high-speed CATV network. They recently signed a contract applying this system developed in-house to the main building under construction for Alganim Group, the biggest group in Kuwait, and in big-scale resorts and villas.

The SI(System Integration) technology is an In_Building solution that combines new technologies such as sensor network with wireless communications to the network of LS-HFC subscriber to provide various services including security maintenance from lighting, automatic electric control, temperature and moisture control, remote-control information to entrance and exit control.

Escaping from wall pad method, this system maximized convenience for users. Using a single portable control terminal(Palm Pad) using non-contact charging technology, developed for the first time in the world, it made all services possible.

Moreover, it applied image processing technology in indoor and outdoor security system using wireless sensor. Using wireless sensor, monitoring the various indoor and outdoor environments like fire from outside is enabled. Through this technology, the era of future-oriented artificial intelligence buildings and apartments is expected to come soon.

LS Cable starting business for In_Building solution would mean that business expansion to consumer market providing services to end-users beyond industrial market. It is also meaningful to have prepared an infrastructure leading the consolidated networking environment to eventually realize the ubiquitous city(U-City).
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